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Shimmer and Shine Clip Art

Featuring quality png images of Shimmer, Shine, Princess Samira, Nahal, Tala, Roya, Leah, Zac, Zeta the Sorceress and Nazboo.

Notice: The following images were colored and clipped by They are meant strictly for non-profit use. Shimmer and Shine © Viacom International, all rights reserved.

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Leah Zac Shimmer, Tala Shine, Nahal Shimmer, Shine, Nahal, Tala Shimmer, Shine Shimmer, Shine Shimmer, Shine Shimmer, Shine Princess Samira Roya Zeta the Sorceress Nazboo

Shimmer and Shine follows the magical adventures of genie twin sisters Shimmer and Shine and their human best friend Leah, who, when needing help with various dilemmas, is granted three wishes after summoning the genies. Visit the official website.